Have you ever wanted to have the ability walk up walls? Last week the BBC reported that BAE Systems has created a plastic substance exhibiting extraordinary adhesive properties. Believe it or not, their inspiration came from the small setae on a gecko’s toe pad.

Last April, a story about the amazing super-adhesiveGecko setae: Courtesy:  Scotsman
Gecko setae: Courtesy: Scotsman
quality of gecko toes was published. The story outlined gecko toe properties and explained why geckos are able to run up walls or across ceilings. However, this super-adhesive quality is expanding beyond geckos. Researchers at BAE Systems have created Synthetic Gecko, a super adhesive plastic.

This unusual plastic is covered with millions of tiny mushroom-like hairs that provide grip. The adhesive is composed of polyamide (a polymer containing monomers joined by peptide bonds). Imagine the possibilities. Dr. Sajad Haq, principal research scientist at the company’s Advanced Technology Centre in Filton, Bristol stated “It would mean that your local window clearer could dispense with his ladders and climb up the side of your house.”

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Thus far, Dr. Sajad Haq and the BAE team have created a material that is able to mimic a gecko’s setae. The material is reusable and doesn’t leave any residues. Synthetic Gecko is strong enough to hold a family vehicle to a roof or even an elephant!

What would you do with Synthetic Gecko?

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mickey says:

lol nice statement

posted on Wed, 04/21/2010 - 9:47am

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