The infamous “Island of Doctor Moreau” finally located off French coast

In your dreams pal: A normal human can't keep up the facade. (photo by hanhutton on
I’m not sure… Half man, half spider would probably be okay, as long as you didn’t end up with a bunch more legs. Half man, half fly clearly didn’t work out. Half man, half dolphin might work. Half man, half wolf would have to be cool, plus I hunt rabbits that way already.

What? Oh, sorry, I was just thinking about something. Say, did any of you hear the news out of England? The UK government has approved the creation of human-animal hybrids.

It’s about time.

Why do I say this? Well, I’ll sum it up in two points:
1) How many octopus-like suckers have I got on my arms? Zero.
2) How long have I wanted octopus-like suckers on my arms? Forever.

British scientists are quick to point out, though, that they won’t be creating viable creatures, only embryos, and, furthermore, only a very small amount of animal DNA will be present in the embryo. Human DNA would be transferred to an animal egg (of, say, a rabbit or a cow) that had already had most of the genetic material removed. The hybrids would be allowed to grow to only a very early stage, just long enough to study the development of the stem cells.

Or so they say. This slideshow has recently been leaked onto the Internet, and it offers some pretty compelling (and, just a warning, possibly upsetting) evidence to the contrary:

So now you’ve seen the future. What do you think? Are those gentlemen-dogs better off?

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