There's a hole on the bottom of the sea

Or there will be, next year. Japanese researchers plan to drill a hole more than four miles through the Earth's rocky crust to reach the molten mantle below. This will be quite a feat — the deepest hole to date is less than a mile-and-a-half. And, just to make things interesting, they're going to do it from a boat floating a mile and a half above the sea floor. (That's where the Earth's crust is the thinnest.)

The project has several goals. They hope to learn more about undersea earthquakes, like the one that caused the Indian Ocean tsunami. They will also study the rocks and mud for records of climate change. And they will look for microbes and other signs of life in this extreme environment.

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posted on Sat, 06/17/2006 - 11:36am
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Anonymous guy says:

The earths core is super heated and ready to explode with enormous force. The drilling of a hole into the core will upset
the weight and change the orbit of planet earth. That will bring enough damage as been proved scientifically.If the explosion does cause an implosion, then the results will not be understood, because science has not experimented in this field so far.

posted on Fri, 01/19/2007 - 2:13pm
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While I understand your concern, this project will only be drilling into the upper most layers of the mantle and not the core of the earth which is quite impossible given current technology. The top layers of the mantle are not soft and molten as you might think of them but are rather very rocky and hard. They won't cause an implosion as you suggest.

posted on Fri, 01/19/2007 - 6:06pm
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A skeptic says:

Two reasons this is doomed to fail:
1. Drilling that deep is really expensive. They'll probably end up having to stop before they get anywhere near the mantle.

2.Even the upper layers of the mantle are too hot forr most modern technology. Anything we can get with modern heat-resistant technology most likely won't tell us anything new.

posted on Fri, 03/30/2007 - 12:23pm
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Anonymous says:

This page is awsome you shoud have it in every county,city,state,and country.

posted on Mon, 02/04/2008 - 7:01pm
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Gene says:

That's why we put it on the Web. ;-)

posted on Tue, 02/05/2008 - 8:52pm

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