U-n-f-o-l-d Cape Farewell Artist Programme

In these last few months as I've been creating graphics for the Future Earth exhibit I've learned an overwhelming amount of information about global change. My creativity has been challenged in ways I hadn't expected—an experience shared by many scientists, activists, politicians and humans during the challenges our environment is taking on right now.

Because my approach to learning is more visual than practical, I'm grateful to know there is an intention to create a symbiotic relationship between art and science with the Cape Farewell Programme, based in the UK.

by David Buckland, Ice Texts, 2008: U-n-f-o-ld art exhibition, Kings Place Gallery, London
by David Buckland, Ice Texts, 2008: U-n-f-o-ld art exhibition, Kings Place Gallery, LondonCourtesy by David Buckland, Ice Texts, 2008 Kings Place Gallery, London
Selected artists and scientists from the around the world journey natural terrain and translate their experience to the public with their makings. The latest exhibition, titled U-n-f-o-l-d, is on view later this year at Parsons School for Design. I'm certain that whether playful, intimate or provoking, these works are sincere reactions to the health of our natural world, serving us a reminder of our potential to transform the world for the better.

For continued reading, please visit the Cape Farewell Art Programme site and read more below:

"We intend to communicate through art works our understanding of the changing climate on a human scale, so that our individual lives can have meaning in what is a global problem."
—David Buckland, Cape Farewell Founder and Director
David Buckland Website

Unfold exhibits the work of twenty-five artists who have participated in the Cape Farewell expeditions in 2007 and 2008 to the High Arctic and in 2009 to the Andes. Each artist witnessed firsthand the dramatic and fragile environmental tipping points of climate change. Their innovative, independent and collective responses explore the physical, emotional and political dimensions of our complex and changing world stressed by profligate human activity.

This body of work addresses a new process of thinking where artists play an informed and significant role through creating a cultural shift, a challenge to evolve and inspire a symbiotic contract with our spiritual and physical world.

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