An Update on Swine Flu (Yeah, I'm still calling it that)

The swiney flu has a new target!! Football players!? Yes, it's true. They can't run from or tackle it, but really, no one can.

Seriously Swine Flu...Still??: Those little swines will just not give up...sheesh!
Seriously Swine Flu...Still??: Those little swines will just not give up...sheesh!Courtesy WIkimedia Commons

Tulane University in New Orleans has reported an out break of H1N1. Just 8 days after the first case of the disease was reported, 30 more students displayed symptoms of the disease. Players from the football and volleyball teams were the first to be infected. Many researchers guessed and some even expected a resurgence of the flu this fall; with the start of the academic year, especially at colleges the disease could easily spread.

Players from both teams at Tulane canceled upcoming events to recover and to lower the risk of a wider outbreak. Flu's like H1N1 tend to spread more quickly among young people because they have been exposed to so many fewer strains of various flu's and other diseases. This makes the average college campus a very formidable possible "ground zero" this fall.

Tulane University was not the only school to recently report cases of the virus. Duke, Texas Christian and Alabama have all reported cases of students having contracted the flu, or at least having flu-like symptoms. At least cases are being caught and diagnosed very early in the academic year before teams have flung their germs widely by traveling to many schools and other students come in constant contact with each other. Now all schools, and especially athletic departments are on high alert and are taking symptoms seriously.

In other swine flu news, studies on the vaccine are well under way, and recipients have yet to show any adverse effects. The second group to receive the vaccines will be children from ages of 6 month old to 17 years. Following that round, hopefully pregnant women will be next in line. The rest of us (well, only SOME of us) will have to wait for the estimated 50 million vaccines that will be available by mid-October. Stay strong, America, and fight the swine!

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