Watch where you step—there could be a giant squid there

I hope you like what you see: because it seems like there's a lot of it in your future.
I hope you like what you see: because it seems like there's a lot of it in your future.Courtesy kqedquest
They’re everywhere these days! Giant squid, I mean.

The carcass of a 25-foot giant squid floating off the coast of California was picked up by a research vessel last week.

The body was only just brought to a marine research station, so for the time being all that has been said about it is that it’s big, weighs hundreds of pounds, and has tentacles “as big around as a person’s leg.” Cool, as usual.

How is it that we’re so flush with giant squid corpses these days? What’s the deal here? More squid moving around and dying? More squid? Or more boats and people, and better communication? Or do I just pay too much attention to giant squid (as if that were possible).

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Anonymous's picture
Anonymous says:

can a giant squid hold its breath for longer than an hour?

posted on Wed, 09/16/2009 - 7:37pm
JGordon's picture
JGordon says:

Um... yes and no?

Squid (giant squid included, of course) have gills, not lungs. They get the oxygen they need from water as it passes over their gills. They don't really breath like you and I, and have no breath to hold.

posted on Fri, 09/25/2009 - 2:50pm

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