Ways The Earth Could Be Destroyed In 2012

We all know that the world is said to end in 2012, but in what way will the earth, life and all mankind be destroyed? The Mayan calendars don’t give any specific details at all of how the world will end; they just stopped their calendars on the specific date, and said that it will. In this article I will let you know five ways the earth could be destroyed.

The first way and one of the most significant I think, is about sun storms and gamma rays. Experts say that the sun has these storms constantly, and should be in the middle stages of it’s being, but they predict that sometime in 2012 that it will have on so big that that gamma rays the sun produces could kill all humanity. Now this is very possible in the coming years because scientists say that the sun storms are building up energy and possibly could erupt close to 2012.

The second way is that the particle accelerator in Geneva, Switzerland could create mini black holes that could consume the earth. Black holes are a region of space where the gravitational field is so strong that not even light can escape, but black holes expand as they consume more and more space, so it could consume the earth very quickly. This is plausible because they have not seen what the accelerator could do yet since it broke down on the first try. I think it would be bad luck for the second.

The third way would probably be anti matter colliding with regular matter. Anti matter is matter reversed in every way, and when it touches normal matter, they create an extreme amount of energy. Don’t worry though because to make one gram of anti matter it would cost 100 billion dollars.

The fourth way to destroy the earth is by creating stable strangelets and keeping them stable long enough to consume the entire earth. Now this is very unlikely to happen because to keep the strangelets stable you would need some type of super strong material that quarks cant consumed. But no material known to man can be consumed by quarks. But if it did happen, and the earth was consumed and turned into strangelets, earth would be a big blob of unknown matter.

The fifth and final way to destroy the earth is by a blunt instrument from space. Now by blunt instrument I mean meteor or asteroid. But to destroy human life on earth, you would need a meteor the size of about china, but eventually the earth would recover. To destroy the earth, you would have to hurl a rock the size of mars at very high speed to smash it into tiny pieces. This is pretty possible, because space rocks are all over the place. But if one were going to destroy us in 2012, we would have known about it already.

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JGordon says:

Interesting stuff, pcarter003! I was holding my breath for five more things (you promised a list of ten!), but you've covered a few of the more popular 2012 theories here.

Some of the other Science Buzz bloggers have actually posted on some of these things, and if you're curious or concerned about them, you might consider checking out the other articles.

Here are some posts on solar flares and "storms on the sun." Solar flares are real, and depending on the "weather" on the sun they can get pretty big. But, as I understand it, even huge flares aren't directly life threatening (unless you're an astronaut in an un-shielded space station or ship). The electromagnetic energy from solar flares can interfere with electronics, though, and that could be a nuisance.

Here's a post about the possibility of strangelets and micro-black holes being formed by the LHC. (The particle accelerator in Geneva is called the Large Hadron Collider, or the LHC for short.) Strangelets or strange matter are purely hypothetical right now—that is, they've never actually been observed, and we don't know if they exist, or could be created at the LHC. If they do exist, and were created, the fear is that they would cause a chain reaction, turning the whole planet into strange matter (sort of makes me think of the fictional material "ice-nine"). However, the sort of particle collisions planned for the LHC naturally happen all the time as solar energy hits our atmosphere, and if anything like micro-black holes or strangelets are ever created, they can't last long enough to do any damage.

We haven't done much on anti-matter here on Buzz. Depending on what kind of anti-matter you want (there are lots of kinds of regular matter, after all, and they all have corresponding anti-matter), it looks like you could get a deal on positrons (the opposite of electrons, basically) for as little as $25 billion per gram, but if you want real anti-atoms, you'll have to shell out $62.5 trillion for a gram of anti-hydrogen. But these things can only be produced in particle accelerators, and they're all so busy making strangelets...

As for asteroids and meteorites... we've got lots of stories on those. But, yeah, I think something the size of China would do the trick, and then some. The Earth is hit by meteorites all the time, but if they aren't destroyed in our atmosphere, they're usually pretty tiny. Scientists think that the asteroid that helped kill off the dinosaurs was about the size of Manhattan, maybe six miles in diameter. The Earth recovered from that (obviously), but I'm not so sure we'd fare so well against an asteroid the size of China. That would be like getting hit by an object the size of our own moon! I wonder if that would even result in something like the event that originally formed the moon—scientists think that billions of years ago an object the size of a planet collided with Earth. The force and angle of the colliding object, along with the spin of the Earth, caused a massive chunk to be taken out of the planet (being hit that hard would have made the Earth a little... gooey), and that chunk eventually solidified into the Moon. I think if we were hit by a rock the size of China, that might be the end for just about everything. The Earth would recover as an astronomical object, but anything that had been living on it would have an exceptionally hard time. Fortunately, objects the size of the dinosaur-killer (which was much much smaller than China) only come through our neighborhood once every hundred million years or so, and we can see them coming a long ways away—long enough that we could probably figure out a way to stop it.

Finally, Science Buzz also has a whole feature on all things 2012! Check it out here! (Check it out starting November 19, that is...)

posted on Wed, 11/18/2009 - 6:38pm
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Anonymous says:

The apostrophe is used to show possession or a contraction. If you are going to write on the web..... EDIT.
Way's = Way is
Way's= ????? What belongs to Way?
Plural way = ways

posted on Thu, 11/19/2009 - 8:02pm
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Dharmesh says:

How that posible is earth is distroyee in 2012?

posted on Mon, 03/28/2011 - 6:23am
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Anonymous says:

It won't be destroyed. They just want to scare us.

posted on Mon, 03/28/2011 - 11:03am
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Anonymous says:

the earth is built to last. it is not going to be destructed any time soon

posted on Mon, 04/04/2011 - 3:44pm

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