We all scream for an ICECREAM!!!

Everybody loves an ice cream-the frozen dessert which is usually made from dairy products , such as milk and cream combined with fruits or other indgredients .Different colours and artifical flavours are also a part of the basic indgredients to make it more delicious. For some of us who cannot enjoy this ethreal dessert due to lactose intolerance or allergy to dairy proteins there are alternatives made from soy milk, ricemilk, and goat milk.We should be glad because we are allowed to indulge in this delight and eat as much as we can:).
The history of an icecream remains a mystery till today .icecreams origin can be traced back to the fourth century .some say that the roman emperor instructed his men to bring ice from the mountains and race back with it quickly before it melts he mixed it with fruit toppings .Others claim that Marco polo , who was a 13th century adventurer , brought ice cream to Euorpe from Far East .
*One of the major indgredient in icecreamis Air without it ,the stuff would be as hard as a rock.
*The most popular ice cream topping is chocolate syrup.
*The United states , new zealand,austrailia adore this sweet delight the most .
*The most favorite flavour is Classic vanilla.
-------------------------------------------Ice cream and personaility----------------------------------------------
VANILLA : If you like vanilla you are colourful impulsive ,a risk taker who sets high goals and has high expectationsof yourself.Gregarious, you live a hectic life. easily suggestible ,expresive ,idealistic and a private person.
BUTTER PECAN: if you like this flavour , you are orderly perfectionist ,careful,detail oriebted conscientious,ethical,and fiscally conservative .you are also competitive in sports.
STRAWBERRY :if you like straw berry ,you are a shy , yet emotionally robust ,sceptical ,detail oriented ,opinionated and self critical.easily made to feel guiltyand have low self esteem.
CHOCOLATE : if you like chocolate you are lively ,creative , dramatic, enthusiastic, and the life of the party:).you enjoy being the centre of attentionand become with the usual routine.well dressed , extroverted , a follower and intutive.
CHOCOLATE CHIP : if you like this flavour , you are generous , competitve and accomplished.you are charming in social situations ambitious and competent.a visionary a conqueror who enjoys being catered and intolerant of defeat.

"Enjoy your icecream and watch out for your personaility its basically psyhcology:)".

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