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What does the future hold in store, Arthur?
What does the future hold in store, Arthur?Courtesy Mamyjomarash
Oh, hey there, Buzzketeers! Do you know what day it is today? That's right: it's Wednesday! It's also July 11, and twenty-nine years ago today, one JGordon burst screaming from his mother's thoracic cavity, covered in gore and bits of sternum. He would go on to grow a beard, to grow taller and weaker than any other member of his family, and to learn about childbirth from the movie Alien. And also to use the Internet.

Who could have predicted any of that? Sure, my mother and father consulted the stars, the entrails of guinea pigs, and their massive probability crunching computer (which runs on star dust and rodent entrails, coincidentally), and they predicted some things correctly. Their son would never have a tail. Their son would have an older brother. Their son would likely be male, if he wasn't female. Their son would accidentally staple a Kleenex to his finger in 7th grade. But how could they have guessed the rest? Could anyone have?

Yes! Sit back and let your mind-holes be cracked wide open by black and white footage of Arthur C. Clarke taking a break from writing about ape frenzies to tell us about how things would be. Now that we can compare "would be" with "are be," it's pretty uncanny.

Here A-Clarke essentially predicts LOLCats:

And here Wart tells us how much we will like Facebook:

And here ACC shows us how much we will be into nehru collars in a couple years:

(I guess he also has some things to say about private spaceflight, nanotech materials, and other stuff.)

Man oh man! If only Sir Arthur was around today to tell me what the next 29 years have in store! Super strong robotic arms, maybe?

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Karen's picture
Karen says:

Happy Birthday! What are YOUR predictions?

posted on Wed, 07/11/2012 - 1:31pm
mdr's picture
mdr says:

SMM Achievement Award
SMM Achievement AwardCourtesy Mark Ryan
I'm guessing Arthur C. Clarke didn't see this coming but in honor of your birthday, JGordon, I'd like to present you with this prestigious Science Museum of Minnesota Achievement Award, not only for your valuable contributions to science but, more importantly, for making it to 29 years of age. Not an easy task nowadays.

Actually, I found this medal last week at an estate sale in Minneapolis. Apparently, it was given to several science-minded folks - including guest speaker Linus Pauling - at SMM's very first Achievement Award banquet back in 1988. As far as I or Google can determine, it doesn't look like the museum ever had another such banquet after that, so your chances of getting one of these hefty prizes would have otherwise been pretty slim. I think it's a great way to recognize people for their contributions to science.

Happy birthday and congratulations!

posted on Wed, 07/11/2012 - 1:59pm

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