Worst place for toilet malfunction discovered

OMG! Upside down!: (Not a space toilet.)Courtesy Kcstsg
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of man and mankind’s first steps on the moon, one of the International Space Station’s two toilets has broken.

I hate to say, “I told you so,” but, really, they should have seen this coming. See, my understanding of the ISS is that it’s sort of like a little floating frat. Getting in can be a hassle (but once you are in it’s vaguely uncomfortable), everybody has the same haircut, their jokes are largely based on cable TV and women are few and far between. So I feel like they should have known that the toilet was going to get a lot of use the day after a celebration.

In any case, one of the toilets broke for some reason. And, just like in a frat, they’re making the foreign guy fix it. (I guess in space everybody is foreign. But a Belgian guy is really foreign in space. Also, I don’t know how many foreign exchange students belong to frats. But you know what they say about assumptions: they’re useful and awesome.)

They aren’t sure yet how serious the malfunction is (so I guess it’s not overflowing, or anything), but eventually it will have to be sorted out, because a single bathroom apparently isn’t enough for the full ISS crew of six. Until that happens, though, there’s still the other bathroom, as well as plenty of “Apollo-era urine collection bags.”

Best wishes, spacemen. (And woman.) You’re living the dream.

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