Yes it’s true: Rambo is chemically enhanced

Rocky times for Rambo: Shown here on a promotional tour in 1988 for Rambo III, Sylvester Stallone readily admits that he used HGH and testosterone to beef up his body to look good in his latest Rambo film.
Rocky times for Rambo: Shown here on a promotional tour in 1988 for Rambo III, Sylvester Stallone readily admits that he used HGH and testosterone to beef up his body to look good in his latest Rambo film.Courtesy wikipedia
Unlike with professional baseball players, Congressional leaders won’t have to hold hearings on this. Sylvester Stallone is being totally up front and candid about his chemical use to prepare for his latest “Rambo” movie.

The 61-year-old movie star admits that he used human growth hormone (HGH) and testosterone to pump himself up for the new feature film. Regardless of the quality of the movie (and I think I’ll be passing on it even when it hits the dollar theaters), doctors aren’t giving him a thumbs up on that medical decision.

More government studies are being conducted on the use of these substances and they’re not ready of general use, many doctors warn. And past research has shown that HGH and/or testosterone use can increase your risks for diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and possibly cancer.

On top of that, HGH and testosterone are illegal for use in general fitness. Doctors must prescribe the treatments, and only after conducting tests that show a patient’s body is under producing the chemicals.

It’s illegal a lot of other places to, which Stallone found out in producing the movie. Australian officials fined him $10,000 last May when they found him bringing 48 vials of the substances with him into the country for on-location filming.

Through all of this, Stallone seems to have given some conflicting accounts of why he’s used the substances.

Dealing with the Australian legal authorities during court proceedings for possession of HGH and testosterone, Stallone said: “I made a terrible mistake. Not because I was attempting to deceive anyone but I was simply ignorant of your official rules and I wish to sincerely apologize to the court and the Australian community for my breach of Australian customs law. ... I have never supported the use of illegal drugs or engaged in any illegal activities in my entire life. ...I wish to express my deepest remorse and again apologize for my actions.”

But this month in Time magazine, he’s quoted as saying: “Testosterone to me is so important for a sense of well-being when you get older. Everyone over 40 years old would be wise to investigate it because it increases the quality of your life. Mark my words. In 10 years it will be over the counter.”

We’ve walked this path before a few times on the steroid debate over baseball player Barry Bonds. But here’s one more thing to mull over on this latest twist to chemical enhancements to the body. Researchers say HGH and testosterone can certainly make your body look stronger, especially in the way that they help reduce body fat content to give muscles a more “ripped” look. They also allow muscles to recover faster from intense workouts. But there’s no data that says that they’ll make muscles stronger or performer better when being used.

So is it really worth all the medical risks? Is it worth breaking the law to look good? Share your thoughts here with other Science Buzz readers.

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flinch619's picture
flinch619 says:

are you serious? no it isnt worth it. everyone with half a brain knows it isnt worth risking your life to look good unfortunately alot of people (including Stallone) dont have that second half. The fact that he is risking his life for a movie that didnt even do well is ridiculous.


posted on Wed, 02/13/2008 - 6:33pm
JARVIS's picture
JARVIS says:

I want to know whats the big deal with him using HGH. Like the article said, he is 60 years old and he felt he needed to make one last Rambo. He can't just whip into shape like he could back when he was in his 30's. The public wanted him to make another movie and they know they dont want to see a 60 year young man with his shirt off in an action movie like that.

posted on Wed, 02/20/2008 - 9:55am
hmoob_muas's picture
hmoob_muas says:

wow, rambo using medicine to pump up?
i thought e was natrual built

posted on Wed, 02/20/2008 - 10:11am
andyshadexx's picture
andyshadexx says:

i thought his muscle were pure real. I did`t think that kinda of chemical would exist

posted on Thu, 02/21/2008 - 7:42pm

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