Zombies and Every day life, with the apocalypse

Zombies are not real right now because it is impossible. Well, until a scientist screws up. In the movies zombies are people that get infected from a source, it is unlikely that it will happen in our lifetime, but scientifically it will be brains( how ironic ), not bronze that prevails over this threat of zombies. The virus would most likely be like the T virus in Resident Evil, but we probably will never know. What do you think??? I was reading a article from the CDC and they say that it might be possible for a zombie apocalypse to happen! How do you think you would prepare for this??? Well we don't know. We honestly don't. Scientifically we would never truly be ready. And for an Awnser I don't want, "my dad has a gun"!!! Actual science reasons here. Heck, it might be a parasite for all we know, then again, your mom or dad may get it first( that would suck! ), or your sister, or brother. We will never know until we realize that nothing is impossible in science. Scientifically I should say, ELECTRICITY would go down first! Then GAS would eventually run out. Cities would be safe most of the time, because all the people would go out to the country.

Then all the people left would be in shock, and/or, injured and extremely prejudiced, but some will still be sane, like me, I know how to keep alive in a Z.A. but some people would not, but, scientifically someone will be smart and start remaking our civilization, but who knows maybe we will all die? You never know how things will turn out. What are your comments??? I would love to hear them.
EDITED BY LIZA, 11/1/2011: Hey, Buzzketeers! Still need a post-Halloween zombie fix, like ZombieDestroyer here? Head on over to the zombies page. You'll find out about a new zombie-fighting weapon, a real-life zombie-making parasite, and a very long-running thread about whether or not a zombie apocalypse is possible. (And if you feel a need to argue zombie-fighting strategies or likelihood, take it over to that last thread and keep it science-y, y'all!)

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This is about as sciencey as I can get!

posted on Tue, 11/01/2011 - 12:08pm
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Could a Z.A. actually happen? Please reply.

posted on Thu, 11/03/2011 - 6:59am
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JGordon says:

Dear Zombie Destroyer,

No. It could not.



PS—If you really want to get into it, though, go to this Science Buzz page. While you're there, however, I'd encourage you not to forget the laws of physics (like even dead people need energy to move) or principles of biology (like viruses absolutely rely on living cells to reproduce), or I will be very disappointed in you.

posted on Thu, 11/03/2011 - 9:31am
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darkshadow1s says:

The truth is that if this did happen most people would become insane. The chances of people surviving are low depending on how much knowledge someone knows. For one if you build quick walls to defend reinforced by wood. They wouldn't be that strong as we think. 1.Walls are good for defending off hordes. 2.I would go a island. Island because if its far off coast like Hawaii. Zombies can't swim that well so it take them a while to get there and land. By time they do you could have built a wall with other survivors that you have with.3. You could use Prison on a island as a base. The Prison would make good base on a island because if its abandon that is good thing. Also if you notice that it would be great for defense.

posted on Fri, 02/10/2012 - 5:09pm
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Justkayteebug says:

[email protected]
The zombie attackes are a loose loose no matter your side or preparedness!
While laying in bed sick on 12-22-2012 the day after the world did not end I have read every post on this page . So I'd like to say firstly to all of you who want to hold up some where waiting on a scientist to come up with a cure you are out of luck. 1st because if the world is in that kind of panic who is still going to work! 2nd the government has secret bunkers all over for the elite weathly and greatest scientist, which will have the doors locked before the public is even made aware Of the outbreak. Most which hold years of food water and self sustaining habits, and doors that won't open till the threat is competly gone! My next point is the virus it's self we would be very lucky if the outbreak is a virus spread only through bites and blood to blood contact! The much more logical and dangrous outcome would be something that is air borne or has contaminited the water supply! Most likely the cause of a phramicutical company take on rushing a cure for AIDS or cancer for profit! So now this desiese is already underway before we even hear the first of it. And with all the people who's first idea is to run out at that moment and loote stores for food water and weapons, are making many mistakes 1 your exposing your self to the virus (however spread) 2 a million panic people all after the same supplies will result in people being trampled, fights and killings over supplies! The hospitals will be over run with people who are sick and those who just think they may be the hospital spreading the virus even faster! So recap no government no cure fast spreading no facts on how it's spread symptoms or weaknesses! And the old human nature of surival of the fittest healthy people will be killing healthy people out of fright and greed and panic.The millitery will quickly be of no help when people flood their bases and camps looking for salvation and answers and protection. Whith no way to screen for the virus unless your a zombie, carriers will be let in and the virus will take over and kill through our last governmental defense. Now there are people like my mom and her boyfriend who are terrified of government collapes and dictator take overs and all doomesday tails. That a 10 acr self sustained homestead,well with hand pump back up solar powered kitchen entire power houses that with solar and car batteritites run anything you could wish for,wood burning hot water heaters! There land would be a paridise and all my sisters and mom buy surplus can goods and water every month we stock pile antibiotic, pain killers, IV's, stitches (that we practice) anything you could think of! Including a sawmill and people who have and can build Their own houses etc. Now the part you don't want to hear tons of guns mostly simiauto same bullets used by millitery so they will be easer to come by (we do live within 20 miles of a base and armory so take amo from the dead) if we go through all ours. But the main point that noone has brought up is the guns are more for healthy people then the infected (being berricated from them helps but using small weapons when able will count) the big artillery is mainly for keeping away those who want to steal what's ours or kill us and take it. Which us why my 3 y/o can reload a magazine. The most difficult yet importain key is no one know about our resources and at night no fires or loud noises attracting outsiders. The only safety will be seclusion! And even though many people would kill to be this propared for any type of distaster, being a mother I would only consider taking my two young children to try and survive if it was the safer smarter choice! Children will slow down a group and drawl attention puting everyone including them selfs at risk! And I don't know any parent who could honestly say they could put down their infected child! That's why depending on how life risking it is for my kids my first plain is to out weigh the pros and cons of us surviving and if the odds are bad I'd tuck my babies in read them a story and we'd all drink a coco that put us to sleep peacefully and they wouldn't have to wittness any horrors! Now say you make it through ether the zombies die out because of lack of human flesh (they starve, dehydrate) they turn on eachothers, or the virus runs it's course! Or maybe the scientist locked behind their doors found a way to get a body to study and did find a cure and came out and saved the world! There are now very few common people left compared to the % lost the rest of the survivors are those elite! Now there's even more trouble and suffering. The ones who survived lived through and did things unimaginable to those locked away in safe bunkers! The elite want to resume their roles as rulers and government and upper class, they want to rebuild the world they controlled, and the survivers no longer understand paper money and mans laws that dont apply to survivel! This will probably end in more death and possibly an entire world war, who want to survive just to have to fight again! And then there are 2 outcomes ether the tough that fought to make it out alive refuse to be ruled by those who hid,and follow laws and governments that abandon them and left them for dead. Rise up, use to now living dog eat dog mantaility take over and we revert to anarchy making the weaker elite serve and we start over once again a primal civilazation completely starting Over! Or those who lived through the horrors surecome to the knowledgeable, reverting slowly back to the world we had. Letting the same people who made this whole apocalypse happen through their greed, then hid away while we fed for our selves and they didn't care if we were there when they emerged! Take over futher separating the gap between the weathly and enducated, and the now changed survivors! Leaving all the power on who to educate and who will be the working class up to those who betrayed us! Leading the world back into a widely gaped class system almost back to ancient civilization with rulers who grow more powerful and educated and weathly, while those who suffered contuinue to suffer for century to become a lower working class almost slave like society! I really don't see any up side after years of zombies and fighting to live the world is in one way or another worse then it was so the price for surviving is more suffering and hardship! So I believe the infected who don't know whats happening and only seek food just might be the ones who where spared the zombies just may be the lucky ones! Because they won't know suffering and loss of lobe ones and life as it was or will end up! This was a comment to the zombie apocolipes can be real by Jo but it wouldn't let me comment there after I wrote this so sry if it doesn't follow ur discussion

posted on Sat, 12/22/2012 - 4:58pm

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