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This is a protest paper for the right for Pluto to be a planet. Pluto may be a small planet, but it orbits the sun just like the other planets do. People think Pluto may be a satellite to another bigger formation of rock, but maybe Pluto may have a stronger gravitational pull than the rest of the planets for some strange reason. Pluto has been a planet for so long, science teachers will have to make sure they do not include Pluto in the list of planets or when they are teaching. If anyone has heard of Mr. Parr the science teacher who does science songs, in planets around the star, he explains the planets and says for Pluto at the end, "if you want it back, scream until they hear you out". Thank you for reading my short blog, it should really have been a burst, but oh well. Please leave comments below on if you think that pluto should be a planet.
☺ over and out,