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Just in time for Super Bowl week, Sports Illustrated shares some pretty wild news about top-line pro and college football players using some dubious products with hopes of helping their on-field performance. Care to spritz a little deer antler mist under your tongue anyone? You can read the full report here. Check out the video in the story, as an SI reporter tests out the validity of stickers that supposedly deflect energy-draining cellphone waves from the football players who wear them.

Patrick Wheatley, a geochemist with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, is collecting hair for a research project. You can help by mailing him some. Intrigued? Read more here.

I thought our Pompeii exhibit that recently was here at SMM was about as close as you could get to being in Pompeii without going there. Now I've found this video about how you can experience it even better without going to Italy. Click and enjoy.