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Fact: I love British comedy (like this). I also love British accents, red telephone booths, tea, and I was indeed one of the crazies who woke up at 3am to watch The Royal Wedding this past Spring.

I mention all of this to explain why this headline caught my attention: "Myrionecta rubra Video Earns Telly Award." Telly. Telly, telly, telly! What a remarkably British word, right?

I didn't have a clue what Myrionecta rubra was, but it turns out it wasn't British. It was better! It was science!! It was red water, or rather enormous masses of microscopic red critters that give the appearance of turning the water red.

Researchers at the Center for Coastal Margin Observation & Predictions teamed up to produce a 5 minute long video that

"follows [scientists] as they study the genetics of Myrionecta rubra and its ability to form massive red water patches in the Columbia River estuary. The research team is searching for clues to determine if it could be used as an early warning signal for changes in the environment."

It was so fabulous, it won a Telly Award! You can check out the award-winning video yourself below:

Red Water from CMOP on Vimeo.

Put, put, put: The British Challenge car is a bit faster than this 1896 model.
Put, put, put: The British Challenge car is a bit faster than this 1896 model.Courtesy Skuds
After lots and lots of work a team of British engineers broke the century old world speed record for a steam powered car. Charles Burnett III piloted the sleek green car to an average speed of 139.843mph. Steam cars sound crazy? They actually used to be quite common in the early days of automobiles, before the internal combustion engine really caught on.