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Yup, it's Friday. Time for a new Science Friday video. Today: Science Friday
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"The New York Department of Environmental Protection installed a prototype "algal turf scrubber" at once of its wastewater treatment plants in Queens. The scrubber--two 350-foot metal ramps coated with algae that grows naturally--is designed to use algae to remove nutrients and boost dissolved oxygen in the water that passes through it. John McLaughlin, Director of Ecological Services for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and Peter May, restoration ecologist for Biohabitats, explain how the scrubber works, and where the harvested algae goes."

We still have a couple more years before outdoor major league baseball returns to Minnesota. But in Washington, D.C., the Nationals next week will be opening up a new outdoor ballpark that was designed with many eco-friendly "green" features. You can take an interactive trip through the new ballpark by clicking here.