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In the early hours of tomorrow, a neat numerical thing will happen. Just six seconds at the clock hits 4:05 a.m. we'll have a time date alignment, for just one second, of 04-05-06-07-08-09. Learn more about the math fun you can have with time and dates at this link.

How could we miss this. It's not the economy (stupid) or the flattening of the world (metaphorically) that have us in global turmoil. It's the fact that we're having so many Friday the 13ths. Today is the second month in a row to have a Friday the 13th. We'll have another this year in November, giving us the maximum number of Friday the 13ths possible in one year. And it's not possible, under our current Gregorian calendar system, to have a year without at least one Friday the 13th. All you want to know about this unlucky date can be found here including the history of why the date is association with bad luck and how many (a lot) of U.S. citizens are afraid of the date.