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Tomorrow – May 12 – marks the one-year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that tore open central China. I've come across two interesting articles regarding that anniversary. Disaster tourism – controversial to many – is huge in the area. And there's a mini baby-boom among couples who lost their only child in the rubble of the quake. Much clean up still needs to be done as this slideshow attests to. Click each link above to learn more.

It's the story that just keeps going and going. One of the displaced panda's from the China earthquake has given birth to two cubs. There's tons of cute panda footage on this video for all you panda groupies out there. And here's the latest video, showing the actual birth of the panda.

The final missing panda at a wildlife reserve near the epicenter of the Chinese earthquake from last month has been found dead. It was crushed under a collapsed wall at the Wolong Reserve. It's likely that all the remaining pandas will be moved to other locations are the Wolong site has suffered severe damage. Click here for previous posts on the earthquake's impact on pandas.

Here's a link to the latest development of the China earthquake's impact on the Wolong Panda Reserve. It sounds like damage is so severe there that authorities will be looking to relocate the facility. One panda is still missing several weeks after the quake. And here are links to previous Buzz posts on the panda/earthquake problem.

Two down, one to go on the recovery of missing Pandas from the Wolong Reserve in central China. The second of three missing pandas was found Monday in the woods near the reserve. Wolong is the largest breeding preserve for the endangered animals and was just miles away from the epicenter of the devestaing earthquake earlier this month. Here's the link to other panda-related earthquake news.

Here are some of the latest developments on the China earthquake. One of three missing pandas returned on its own to the Wolong Reserve near the quake's epicenter. Also, residents of the area have been sleeping outdoors due to the risk of aftershocks in the area. More than a week after the quake, things are hardly getting back to normal.

Did the pandas at the Woolong reserve in China, right near the epicenter of this week's Chinese earthquake, sense things were going to happen before they did? This video of British tourists on the scene at the time of the quake seems to say so. Of course, you never can trust a panda, can you. Maybe they're the ones who caused the earthquake.

Homeless?: A preserve where rare pandas live and breed was at the epicenter of the strong earthquake that hit China yesterday.Courtesy Sheilalau
Along with the devestating human toll, yesterday's earthquake in China could be devestating to the small breeding panda population in that country. The primary wildlife reserve for pandas to live in the wild is extremely close to the epicenter of the earthquake. National Geographic as full details of the situation at this link. More Science Buzz links to the earthquake can be found here.

UPDATE MAY 14: Panda people, you can breath easier again. All is well with the 86 pandas at the nature reserve at the heart of the Chinese earthquake. Electricty is still out at the preserve, but the pandas are fine.

UPDATE MAY 19: Information from the Wolong Reserve continues to be in flux. Now there are reports that five people were killed at the site and three pandas are missing. You can get full details here.