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It's the eve of the big event – March Madness kicks off tomorrow and hoops junkies like myself will be in heaven for three weeks. But what about academics junkies? For the fifth straight year, a college organization has run the NCAA men's basketball brackets through the academic wringer, advancing schools through the brackets based on a formula of classroom success for each school. The school with the more success advances through each round of the brackets. Past editions of the challenge have produced academic champions such as Bucknell, Holy Cross and Davidson. Last year, however, the academic and hoops championship teams were one and the same: North Carolina. Who wins this year's academic bracket challenge? You have to click here to find out. I will tell you that it's not my alma mater, Mankato State.

I digested all the stats last night and filled out my NCAA brackets. Then today I came across this – a statistical analysis done by a University of Illinois professor about how seedings impact a team's performance in the tournament. You might be surprised by what you learn. Click the link to read more. Or just go with my hot tip of Pitt winning it all.