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Last week, National Geographic published some stinkin' fantastic photos of trees cocooned in spider webs. Apparently high flood waters in Pakistan caused the web-spinning critters to scurry to high, dry land -- namely these trees.

Here are some fun points from the article:

"The giant spider webs in Sindh, Pakistan, sometimes stretched from tree to tree..."

"...scientists determined that dozens of spider species were spinning the communal webs."

"The huge webs ultimately killed many of the trees they covered, perhaps by reducing the amount of sunlight reaching their leaves. But for a while, the webs also seemed to help trap more mosquitoes in the region, thereby reducing the risk of malaria..."

"While unusual, trees cocooned in spider webs are not unprecedented. Scientists have reported similar webs in other parts of the world, the tropics in particular."

Barbie meets Skelatar: Here's what a CT scan of Christmas Barbie looks like, one of many everyday objects that have been scanned using the medical technology for a new art form.Courtesy Satre Stuelke
CT scanners provide a great way to see what's wrong inside our bodies. And one CT technician has found it to be a great new art medium. Check out this gallery of CT scan art.