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"Woah. Static electricity is not a curly haired girl's friend. Frizz + static electricity = super frizz. I look like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket! Today, I am carrying my own electrical field.

Wait... is that possible? For the human body to carry a static electricity field? I'll bet we have some kind of background level electrical field. Makes sense because we're composed of electrically charged particles. Doesn't it? I wonder if I can find some info online and blog about it."

That conversation occurred in my head just after lunch today, and I'm sad to report that my two-minute Google search on "human body electrical field" didn't return any credible answers. Consequently, this is not a blog post about the human body's possible electric field. Instead, it is a post about the The Greatest 101 Questions of All Time, as reported in the Telegraph.
?: There are no stupid questions.
?: There are no stupid questions.Courtesy Colin K

Here are my top 5 (you'll have to follow the link for answers):

  • Why do identical twins have different fingerprints?
  • What is OK short for?
  • Why can’t we just fill in the ozone hole with man-made ozone?
  • What is a hiccup?
  • Does chewing gum really stay inside you for years?

What was your favorite question? Answer? Did you have a great question that was missed? Post your response in the comments section below.

...Oh, and if you know of a credible source to answer my human body electric field question, I'd be happy if you'd post that here too.

Check it out: some cleverboots artist in England has done something rad with 1300 old fluorescent tubes. Click on that link, please.

This article explains why it works.

The project is several years old, but I only just noticed it on, uh... this science fiction website. Still, it's real, and real science, and I figured it was cool enough for y'all to have a look-see. So do that.