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Leigh and I are gearing up for another trip to the ice. We are scheduled to leave the states on January 29, arrive in New Zealand on January 31, and head further south on February 2. We’ll only be on the ice a short time for this second deployment of the field season, with the primary goal to recover the GPS units we set out in November. We will also be challenged with finding a suitable landing site higher on the glacier, in the catchment basin, above two subglacial lakes. Leigh, Gordon, and Peter tried to place those monitoring sites back in November along with the rest of our units but were unable to find a safe place to land.

We’ll be meeting up with Gordon, Peter, and Mike, along with another graduate student, Nora, who will already be waiting for us in McMurdo.

We’re looking forward to another great trip! In the meantime, make sure you check our YouTube page and photos from the November trip.

Blood Falls

by ARTiFactor on Mar. 07th, 2010

Blood Falls
Blood FallsCourtesy US Antarctic Program, National Science Foundation
Blood Falls seeps from the end of the Taylor Glacier into Lake Bonney. The tent at left provides a sense of scale for just how big the phenomenon is. The phenomenon is due to leaks from a reservoir of ancient saltwater buried under the glacier. Ferrous ions dissolved in the water oxidize on contact with the atmosphere, and and precipitate as insoluble reddish ferric salts. Blood Falls contains at least 17 different types of microbes, and almost no oxygen