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Remember back a few years when Nadya Suleman was in the news? She was the young woman who gave birth to octuplets. The media dubbed her Octomom, and some people were outraged "Eight babies at once? That's ludicrous!" was a common rant. You think so? Well, how about this real Octomom? Her name is Opal and last year she gave birth to over 50,000 babies! Of course, Opal's an actual octopus, so it doesn't seem so outrageous. Anyway, Laurynn Evans, a scuba diver in Seattle, Washington discovered Opal in 2009 while diving off shore in West Seattle. After she realized that Opal was a female and had laid eggs - lots of them - she began regularly videotaping her right through the big night of the massive hatching (I don't think Opal survived the ordeal). You can see the blessed event in the video below and read more about it on NPR's sciencey blog Krulwich Wonders. That's a lot of diapers.