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Scientist's words turned into a music video.

Pretty cool. There are more if you click the link.

Hey - I'm John Boswell, the head musician and producer behind the Symphony of Science. The goal of the project is to bring scientific knowledge and philosophy to the masses, in a novel way, through the medium of music.

The folks from National Public Radio's Science Friday program have recently launched a new blog that Science Buzz readers might like called SciArts. It features stories highlighting some of the interesting connections between the creative endeavors of science and art (once you start looking, those connections are everywhere). In addition to things like Cro-Magnon artists and bird song research, the blog's authors recently turned me on to musician John Boswell's awesome remix tribute to the astronomer and popular science author Carl Sagan. I've posted this video here because it's just really cool.

And here are some links to past Science Buzz stories that feature art.