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Remember the wild video from about a year ago of a huge rainfall causing an embankment to collapse and drain all the water from Lake Delton into the Wisconsin River? You can find it here. A year later, the embankment is patched, water has filled the man-made lake basin and recreation seekers are coming back. You can read about that here. I do want to know, however, how they're going to restock fish in the lake. The USA Today story says that the lake has been stocked with minnows that won't be ready for fishing for a couple more years. I don't know about you, but I usually set my sights higher when I go fishing than just settling for some minnows.

Here's a video link to the incredible footage of Lake Delton near the Wisconsin Dells suddenly draining after a dam broke on Monday. And here's a full newspaper report with photos and maps from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal. The story includes this unsual quote: "It's pretty hard to put a water ski show on when there's no water on the lake." And here's the link to a great photo that shows what happened geologically -- the dam to the left is still okay but a sogged sandy bank between the lake and Wisconsin River in the center gave way, releasing the lake's backed up water. Once the water broke through the lake bank, it took only about three hours for the lake to drain dry.