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The headlines seem to be especially crazy these days, but this one really jumped out at me. So does the Minnesota Zoo have the coolest moose in the country, or what?

Bear Awareness Week

by Joe on May. 16th, 2010

Its bear awareness week and the Minnesota Zoo staged a very effective demonstration...

This afternoon keepers released video footage of the baby white cheeked gibbon born at the Minnesota Zoo on December 27. The baby -- the 10th one born at the Minnesota Zoo -- is being cared for by people because her mother, "Tia," shows little interest in mothering her. Still, the baby is growing well and keepers are hopeful that Tia will come around eventually.

The baby gibbon won't be on exhibit for a few months, so watch the video.

JGordon hooked me up with this video of the Minnesota Zoo's grizzly bears taking on a 500-pound pumpkin. It's no contest: the pumpkin doesn't stand a chance. But the bears don't seem interested in eating the pumpkin, just destroying it. Why do bears hate pumpkins? :)

On February 19, a three-banded armadillo was born at the Minnesota Zoo. (It's the third three-banded armadillo born at a zoo in the US this year.) He's not on display yet, but you can see a video of the little guy (who's about the size of a golf ball) on the Zoo's website.

There's a new arrival at the Minnesota Zoo today, a takin calf made its debut at the zoo. Mom and calf are doing fine, as you can see in this picture. Takin are an ox-type animal that have extremely-elevated status in Chinese culture.