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As a kid, I had a great time building and firing off those popular Estes model rockets. The acme of my modeling experience was getting a Saturn V, two-stage rocket that looked just like the ones used for the Apollo moon shots. It was so proud of the mini-missile that stood about two feet tall. On Saturday in Maryland, the mother of all model rockets was launched, another Saturn V model, but this one stood 36 fee tall, weighed nearly a ton and soared eight-tenths of a mile into the sky. Cost of the mission: about $30,000. Click on the video below to see its launch. Obviously, they had no trouble keeping the electrodes connected to the rocket engine wires; and the rocket also did not get tangled in powerlines upon descent – the two banes of my young rocket launching career.

Ever mess around with model rockets, you know those temermental things that never would ignite when you pushed the launch button, and when they finally did (usually when you weren't expecting it) they'd find their way into the closest tree or flat-roofed structure? Here's a tale of one heck of a model rocket launch. Get the kid who made it signed up to work for NASA right now.