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It's been a few summers since we introduced you to the crazy scientists who figured out you get a geyser-like reaction of adding Mentos candies to Coke products. As you can see in the video above, they've taken their work to the next level with a Mentos/Coke powered vehicle. What's next for Mentos/Coke power?


Is it possible to calculate the "potential energy" of a particular Offensive line compared to a particular Defensive line?

Should a Coach know if they are statistically unable to force the line of scrimmage the direction they want?

Sure - weaknesses can be exploited by double teaming, and running slant plays.....checking the stats on each lineman the coach should be able to choose their strategy before the game....and give the best chance of success


It is the season to consider the fine points of our national pastime. Left-handers have the upper hand, in many ways. Here is the story:

"Baseball diamonds: the lefthander's best friend"