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Hey, I've missed a few Fridays. Or, rather, you have, because I didn't post videos. But I've turned over a new leaf. I'm responsible now. So, without further ado, Science Friday
Science FridayCourtesy Science Friday
"From death caps to puffballs, the fruiting bodies of fungi can be grouped into about a dozen major categories. Mycologist Roy Halling walks us through the wide world of mushrooms and takes us on a fungi foraging foray on the grounds of the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. With record-breaking rainfall in the northeast in the last few weeks, mycologists say that mushroom numbers seem to be up this year. Wet weather is prime for mushroom emergence because the fruits of fungi form through a hydraulic process, says Nicholas Money of Miami University in Ohio."

It's giant puffball time
It's giant puffball timeCourtesy ARTiFactor
The first time I saw giant puffball mushrooms in the woods I thought they were gallon sized plastic jugs. One that I saw behind the Tea House in Como Park's Japanese Garden looked just like a soccer ball.

Giant puffballs are edible

I slice them like bread and fry them on a pancake griddle. For flavor I use various seasonings like cinnamon and sugar or Cajun spices.

My wife used to see them along the State Fair ground fences (North side).

If they are yellow inside, it is too late to eat them. The one in the picture was traded in at our Collector's Corner on Wednesday. I sliced it once to see if it was good. Today I sliced it again and saw the yellow color. Yuck! Eat 'em while they are fresh.