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Many people wonder what happens to your hair and nail after death. Does your hair and nails still grow by itself or does it just stop right after death? There was an argument saying that your nails and hair still do grow after death, while others say they stop growing after death. What is the answer to this situation?

Well the answer is easy. No, your hair and nails don't still grow after death. As you die, your body dehydrates. This causes the skin and organs to shrink in size (remember your body is made out of 70% of water) but not the hair and nails. This gives the appearance of growth, but it's really the skin being pulled back. The reason the hair and nails don't shrink is because while the rest of the body does, it's already dead. The only part of hair that is alive is the follicle (a small spherical group of cells) and when that dies, you go bald over times as your hair falls out. And since because your hair grows do to protein and oil, there isn't any living cells to carry out this function so it would just be long gone. Hairs and nails don't shrink during funeral time is because they used some moisturizing cream on their body and hair, this stops it from shrinking. And if they didn’t then your hair would have fallen out and you would go bald.

When I first heard about this situation about hair and nails still growing after death, I was shock. And I was like no way your hair and nails still grow after death. I just had to research about the topic and find answers to this. When I did found out that the answer was no, I was like ok this is a better understanding. How can your hair and nails still grow when your body is already shut down? I am glad that I found the answer to this. Now I know the truth.


This is how trees grow on our planet: Also, on our planet, we hold cameras upside-down.
This is how trees grow on our planet: Also, on our planet, we hold cameras upside-down.Courtesy Jaboney
The natural order of things has been a little bonkers this last week. Things all over the world are ending up where they don’t belong.

Snake on baby. Snakes don’t belong on babies. If anything, babies belong inside snakes.

Bomb in chicken. What on earth is a bomb doing in a chicken? I doubt that the chicken put it there.

Nail in head. The doctor removed it with a claw hammer. Seriously.

What good is science in a world like this? Educated guesses cannot be made, nothing is repeatable.