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Deathstalker scorpion venom, combined with nanoscale particles of iron oxide, can slow the spread of BRAIN CANCER.

What is there not to love in that sentence? You've got scorpion venom, nano stuff, brain cancer...heck, I was hooked at the word Deathstalker.

Just so you know - the formal science way of saying the same thing is “Chlorotoxin Labeled Magnetic Nanovectors for Targeted Gene Delivery to Glioma”. You can find the article here.

Deathstalker Scorpion
Deathstalker ScorpionCourtesy Ester Inbar

Diamonds and Silver and Gold. OH MY!
Diamonds and Silver and Gold. OH MY!Courtesy Calliopejen

Even nanoscience can't resist the bling. Scientists are incorporating gold, silver and diamonds into all kinds of nanotechnology.

"The most marketable bling technology might be wrapped into something that you take with you everywhere. It could transform your favourite gadgets, including cellphones and music players - by incorporating them into your clothing. "Rather than carrying your iPod, the whole electronic system could be embedded in your jacket," says Jennifer Lewis, a materials scientist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign."

Check out this article from New Scientist to learn more.

There's a lot of work being done at the nanoscale to find a cheap source of green energy. Will Pokeberries be the final material needed for a solution?
Pokeberries ripening: Pokeberries may provide a key to cheap solar energy.
Pokeberries ripening: Pokeberries may provide a key to cheap solar energy.Courtesy Huwmanbeing