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The FREE Math and Science Family Fun Fair is coming to the University of Minnesota this weekend, November 13 from 10am-4pm in the Coffman Union's Great Hall.

This event "...will feature fascinating activities, hands-on exhibits, and entertaining presentations showcasing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This year’s highlights include Physics Force shows, a Mystery Science Room, and much more."

Special Recommendation: Don't miss Physics Force! I saw it my junior year of high school because my physics teacher offered extra credit for attending the show. High-energy and a bit wacky, I liken the vibe to Myth Busters. It was the easiest and most fun extra credit project I've ever done! And, it clearly made an educational impression.

Here's a YouTube video from Physics Force:

Oh, I wish I'd seen this earlier!

The University of Minnesota's Physics Force is presenting its annual Physics Circus tonight, at 7pm, at Northrop Auditorium. The show--a mix of physics demonstrations and humor intended for adults and children--is free and open to the public.

Demonstrations include dropping a team member from a 20-foot tower while shooting a ball at him to demonstrate the effect of gravity on projectiles and collapsing a 55-gallon drum to show the force of air pressure. A team member will propel himself across the stage on a cart by emptying a fire extinguisher to demonstrate how forces come in pairs.

If you can make it, you should check it out.