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The King Tut exhibit is now open at the Science Museum of Minnesota. I've had the chance to go through it twice already, and one of the hot questions is how did they recreate Tut's mummy, which is one of the final pieces of the exhibit. Check out this video by Materialise, a 3-D software company that was part of the reproduction process. The video shows the combination of software and laser stereolithography technology to make a mummy replica.

The video references a recent Tut exhibit in New York City. The same recreated mummy is now on display at SMM.

It's Friday, so it's time for a new Science Friday video. Science Friday
Science Friday
Courtesy Science Friday
"Jim Smith, 23, is taking citizen science to another level. He designed and built his own 3D printer, which sits in the corner of his living room. We made a house call, got a tour of the machine and did some printing."