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Outfielders have been doing a great job of catching flies at the new Target Field baseball stadium. And they also have some help in catching moths flying around the lights during night games. A kestrel takes up residence at the top of the rightfield foul pole during the games and patrols the green outfield for the flying bugs. And fans seem to enjoy it. Here are a couple videos of the Target Field interloper.

Here's some fan-made video of the kestrel in action:

They have lots of tasty new food options at Target Field. It's good to know that "moth" is being eaten there as well!!!

In case you haven't yet gotten your fill of Target Field opening stories, here's the science angle. Target Field is LEED-certified green for a number of its design features. Also scientifically speaking, I'm interested to see how factors of wind, humidity and heat will impact the Twins' bats this season at home.

With a new dome-less stadium opening up this spring, Twins baseball fans will have to be on the lookout for rainouts. But the new Target Field will be looking for a good soaking now and then to help it stay one of the "greenest" stadiums in the Major Leagues. Read all about its unique "green" design here.