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The yeti is definitely a cryptozoological mystery - the Siberian equal of Bigfoot. A group of scientists were invited to Russia to search for proof of the yeti. As reported by the regional government, proof of the yeti has been discovered. Article resource: Siberian Kemerovo region claims proof of yetis

All about these boasts

Kemerovo, Siberia’s governor asked researchers and journalists to join him. He was in Russian country in the coal-mining area. Researchers from many countries, including the United States and Canada, attended the conference. A lot of stuff was discovered in the Azasskaya cavern. This includes coarse hair, footprints and a bed of sticks. The local administration calls this evidence "indisputable proof that the Shoria mountains are inhabited by the 'Snow Man'," the colloquial term for the yeti or Abominable Snowman.

Hair to be tested

Many scientists do not believe that this is proof of a yeti, although the regional government claims it is. There has never been anything from the so-called yeti that has been captured, and the hair has to be tested for DNA still. The evidence used to prove the existence of a yeti is the same proof used to prove the existence of Bigfoot. In North America, that is the fantasy humans are attempting to prove. Scores of evidence have been collected, but no physical specimen or incontrovertible evidence has been collected.


A number of people believe that the yeti discovery is simply a tourist stunt. The Kemerovo area of Russia has been very heavily focused on industry and mining. Tourism isn’t very big in the Western end of Siberia. The government is hoping to get more tourists there though as the mines are slowing. The regional government didn’t say anything specific in the press release. Still, it might:

"create a special research center to study the Yeti" in the regional university and "create a journal" dedicated to the science of the Yeti"


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