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Loremo near the front in race for 100 mpg X prize

Loremo diesel
Loremo dieselCourtesy Loremo AG
Although the X Prize Foundation has not officially released the rules, competitors are lining up for the Automotive X prize. C/net news has a great slide show about several front runners competing for the multi-million dollar prize. I previously posted about my favorite, the Aptera Typ-1. Recently the diesel powered Loremo has also been a media favorite.

Better than 100 mph and 100 mpg

Unlike the Aptera, the Loremo has four wheels, and seats four adults which are requirements in the Automotive X Prize. The Loremo LS gets better than 100 mpg (and 100 mph) from its 20 HP, 2 cylinder turbo diesel engine. Unlike the $100,00 Tesla, the Loremo is projected to cost only $22,500. The bad news is that the Loremo may not pass the United States emission standards. Check out these links for current info and comments on the Loremo and other Automotive X Prize vehicles (thanks to Eric Boyd).


Catfish skull
Catfish skull
Every month we pull an object out of the Science Museum of Minnesota's collections and put it on display here at the museum and let you write your own label for the object. This month's we found a catfish skull and it looks particularly cool to my eyes. It's spiky and and kinda looks like it has a mohawk.

What do you think about this unique fish? Head on over to the object of the month and try your hand at writing a label.