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Where's Athena?

by Liza on Mar. 12th, 2008

Falcons have been spotted regularly at the Black Dog nest box in Burnsville, MN, since December, and were observed mating on February 23. (You can follow what's going on with those falcons at the Raptor Resource/Black Dog Forum.)

But the former High Bridge nest box was moved, and so far, there's no sign of Athena. (There's also a Raptor Resource/High Bridge Forum.) Cross your fingers and hope she finds and approves of her new digs before it's too late for chicks this year...


On Saturday, May 26, Buzz blogger Thor Carlson emailed the staff here at the Science Museum of Minnesota that our resident peregrine falcon Athena's first egg had hatched:

Athena the peregrine falcon was quite agitated this morning and I think midday we had our first hatching. Something fuzzy seems to be fluffing out from under her and than about 2 p.m. I saw her picking her beak through half of an egg shell. With the weather being pretty drippy today, she's likely keeping the little one underneath her with the three other eggs.

Stop on up at the Mississippi River Gallery and check out the latest developments...more falcon chicks should be on the way.

Three new mouths to feed: This shot, captured late Monday (5/28) afternoon, shows three new chicks. Athena's going to be busy...

Previous news from the 2007 falcon season.


UPDATE - Wednesday, June 14th

One of the falcon chicks spent part of the day learning to fly. The others are doing a lot of looking and wing-flapping, and will be joining their nestmate soon.

Peregrine chicks: Photo taken by the High Bridge web cam between 8 and 9 am, Friday, June 9.
Peregrine chicks: Photo taken by the High Bridge web cam between 8 and 9 am, Friday, June 9.

UPDATE - Friday., June 9th

The little fluffballs are gaining feathers fast and looking more like adult peregrines every day. They've been flapping their wings and looking over the edge a lot. We expect them to fledge--leave the nest--sometime before June 16. See today's comment for more information.

All four chicks have hatched!: Yeah! Four hungry mouths to feed.

UPDATE - Friday., May 5th

All four of Athena's chicks have hatched now! Congratulations to Athena and her new Peregrine Falcon family. As far as we can tell from the pictures the fourth egg must have hatched around 5pm yesterday, Thur. May 4th.

One more to go: Athena seems to look straight at the camera and we have only one more egg to hatch.Courtesy Excel energy

UPDATE - Thu., May 4th

Three of Athena's chicks have hatched and you can see them crowding around the one brown egg that hasn't hatched yet.

Three mouths to feed: One of Athena's chicks raises its mouth for food, Thur. morning.

Wed., May 3rd

Athena can be seen feeding two of her chicks on Xcel's Falcon Cam. You can keep updated by watching the new pictures appear every couple minutes in the daily photos section.

Athena feeding her chicks: Check out Athena droping food into her little chicks' mouths. So cute!

Update from atop the giant smokestack at the High Bridge power plant here in Saint Paul and down the street from the Science Museum:

"Athena's" eggs have started to hatch.