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Alien, immigrant, visitor...: Whatever you want to call them, jaguars are not native to the US.
Alien, immigrant, visitor...: Whatever you want to call them, jaguars are not native to the US.Courtesy Joachim S. Mueller

I’m not sure where to put this one. On the one hand, we’ve had a long discussion on the dangers of introducing non-native species into America’s wild habitats. That was about cheetahs; this is about jaguars; but the idea (a bad one) remains the same.

OTOH, Bryan wants us to keep track of scientific decisions made by the administration, to make sure they hold to the pledge made in Obama’s inaugural address to base scientific decisions on scientific observation and data. This story could certainly go there as well.

Since I can’t make up my mind, I may as well start a new thread:

US Fish and Wildlife Service ignores scientists, takes initial steps toward introducing non-native jaguars into US.

We've all heard the tale of the Emperor's New Clothes. But what about the new president's new clothes. Here's a story about the special materials President Obama was wearing during the inaugural to keep him safer than what might have appeared.

Can the good old White House be converted into a greener living space? Top designers were given the challenge to draw up creative plans to make the White House an environmentally better place for the Obamas. Click here to see what they've whipped up. Be sure to click on the photo gallery that's to the right of the main story to see conceptual drawings.


Race and sex in an election.

Race vs Sex: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton
Race vs Sex: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

What effect will skin color, or being female, have on the next presidential election? Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton announced yesterday her intent to become the first female president. This announcement comes just days after Sen. Barack Obama announced his bid to become the first black president. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who would be the first Hispanic president, intends to announce his plans today.

What do you think?

Has America come far enough that racial predjudice or sexism will not effect who will win in an election against a white male? Use our comments box to tell us what you think. You might also comment about the effects that attractiveness, obesity, religion, or money might have.