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OK, it's Monday, not Friday, but last week's Science Friday video is too cool to skip. Without further ado... Science Friday
Science FridayCourtesy Science Friday
"Maxwell von Stein, a 22-year-old graduate of The Cooper Union, built bicycle that uses a flywheel to store energy. Instead of braking, Max can transfer energy from the wheel to the flywheel, which spins between the crossbars. The flywheel stores the kinetic energy until Max wants a boost, then he can transfer the energy back to the wheel using a shifter on the handlebars."

Also in honor in of Bike / Walk to Work Week, this fun video asks the question: which is faster, a gasoline-powered motorcycle, or a yogurt-powered bicycle?

St. Paul Metro Transit runs a program called Bike2Benefits. If you register, and keep track of your bike commute using their calendar, you'll not only see your mileage and your carbon emissions savings add up, but you'll also receive a Twin Cities bike map and be eligible for the year-end drawing. But hurry: you need at least 1 bike commute in each of 8 consecutive weeks before the end of the calendar year, and the temperature outside is dropping. (You can document rides retroactively, though.)

Researchers at the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque looked a decade's worth of data, and showed that bicycle crashes are more likely to be deadly when the rider has been drinking, is an adult male, has a collision with a car, or is riding on a high-speed roadway. They also found that helmets have a significant protective effect, although they don't much help riders hit by cars. (The findings were presented at the American College of Emergency Physicians Annual Scientific Assembly.)