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Learning with Web 2.0: photo from Wikimedia
Learning with Web 2.0: photo from Wikimedia

Learning how to learn

Want to learn something? How do you find what you are looking for? Today's internet is evolving. Some parts of it are referred to as "Web 2.0". If you wish gain some new learning techniques, I recommend "learning by doing" and to accept my "Do a Dozen" challenge.

The SMM "Do a Dozen" challenge

Listed below are a dozen things (or small exercises) that you can do on the web to explore and expand your knowledge of the Internet and Web 2.0.

  1. Open up the Seven and 1/2 Habits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners and view the online tutorial. The tutorial is 14 minutes. You will need headphones or speakers.
  2. Set up your own blog and add your first post(entry).
  3. Learn about RSS feeds and setup your own Google Reader account. To give you an idea of what I am reading I activated a feature called Art's Shared Items.
  4. Learn about and explore Flickr (a photo hosting site and community)
  5. Use picasa software to edit and publish some of your photos, create an album, burn it onto a CD as a slide show that plays in DVD players, and create a CD cover which shows all the pictures contained on the CD.
  6. Learn how to use and understand how tags can be used to find information
  7. Explore technorati and learn how tags work with blog posts.
  8. Roll your own search engine with Rollyo
  9. Learn about wikis and participate in creating one.
  10. Learn how to use some personal productivity tools (spreadsheets and word processing)
  11. Learn how to find and use audiobooks, music, and videos on the internet.
  12. Add to this list by creating a "How To ..." article on your blog

I will lead the way.

I am learning by doing. I did the first three this evening, and hope to do more soon. I am a beginner at this, but will help you if I can. You can use comments to ask for help or let me know how you are doing.

I wish to acknowledge Helene Blowers and the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County for inspiring this project.