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Cyclone kills 4000+ in Myanmar

The death toll from a devastating cyclone in Yangon, Myanmar has risen to nearly 4,000. Almost 3,000 others are unaccounted for in Yangon. Older citizens said they had never seen Yangon, a city of some 6.5 million, so devastated in their lifetimes. The storm has left hundreds of thousands of people homeless and without clean drinking water, a U.N. official has said.

Update on Myanmar disaster

A tropical cyclone named Nargis devastated the Yangon and Bogalay communities in Mayanmar. For 10 hours starting Friday night, millions of inhabitants endured 20 inches of rain, winds above 240 km/hr, and a 12 foot tidal wave that washed away 95% of the homes in Bogalay. The current count is over 22,000 dead and 41,000 missing.

up to a million people possibly homeless, some villages almost totally destroyed and vast rice-growing areas wiped out" (Associated Press)

Now, some four days later, humanitrian aid is standing by, waiting for the reclusive military rulers to give permission to provide help. Yangon, with its 6.5 million people, needs housing and clean drinking water. Without clean drinking water, the risk of disease spreading is the most serious concern.

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In the past several weeks, protestors have crowded the streets of Rangoon, Burma to demand an end to the military dictatorship there. Like dictators everywhere, the military responded violently, and tried to cover up the news.

But modern technology is making that more difficult. Bloggers have used the Internet to broadcast news and pictures of the demonstrations. And high-definition satellite images confirm the violence, forced relocations, and other human-rights abuses.

In the past, a dictatorship was able to control the flow of information. That’s no longer possible. Whether or not the international community responds to this evidence in any meaningful way remains to be seen.