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It's the eve of the big event – March Madness kicks off tomorrow and hoops junkies like myself will be in heaven for three weeks. But what about academics junkies? For the fifth straight year, a college organization has run the NCAA men's basketball brackets through the academic wringer, advancing schools through the brackets based on a formula of classroom success for each school. The school with the more success advances through each round of the brackets. Past editions of the challenge have produced academic champions such as Bucknell, Holy Cross and Davidson. Last year, however, the academic and hoops championship teams were one and the same: North Carolina. Who wins this year's academic bracket challenge? You have to click here to find out. I will tell you that it's not my alma mater, Mankato State.

Hard to watch: Will science education take another hit?
Hard to watch: Will science education take another hit?Courtesy Annie in Beziers
In an effort to cut costs the powers that be at Michigan State University are considering shutting down the Department of Geological Sciences. The vote to close the department could come as soon as December 1st. This is not good. Read about it here. Dinochick Blogs has posted a reaction to it from paleontologist Chris Noto. Also, you can sign an online petition against it.


A thing of the past?: More and more colleges are moving away from serving up dorm meals on food trays to reduce waste and clean-up costs.
A thing of the past?: More and more colleges are moving away from serving up dorm meals on food trays to reduce waste and clean-up costs.Courtesy bookgrl
College is a place to learn new things. And at several Minnesota campuses this school year, students are learning new things in the dining hall along with in the classroom – like how to balance all their dinner items without using a tray.

A month into the school year, the reviews are mixed on this concept. This Star Tribune story gives the full round up on the tray-less dining phenomenon. Five Minnesota schools have gone totally trayless – the University of Minnesota, Hamline, Concordia-St. Paul, and Southwest Minnesota State, Marshall. Three other schools are trayless at least one day a week. Three other schools are considering following these leads.

Why do this? Saving food waste and expense is a big part of it. At Hamline, they estimate that smaller carrying capacity of a diner without a tray saves 12 cents a meal per student. Totaled up among all diners for an entire school year, and that savings will be $25,000 for a school year.

Plus, there’s less room for “eyes bigger than stomachs” action without trays. While thrown out food last year at Hamline filled two garbage cans per meal, this year without trays there’s just one garbage can full of food waste per meal.

Also, no trays reduces the amount of water and soap needed to clean trays and extra dishes with the smaller portions that students are eating.

But not everyone is happy.

Some students are stacking their servings three plates high. One University of Minnesota student upset with the idea has started an online protest group through his Facebook page.

So what do you think? Is this a good idea or taking efficiency too far? Share your thoughts here with other Buzz readers.

Earning a bachelor's degree in science or engineering serves the degree holder well in the workforce, regardless of what job they do, according to a National Science Foundation (NSF) survey. The survey found that science degree holders generally report that science and engineering knowledge is important to their job, even if the graduate ends up doing non-technical work.