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It's Friday, and you know what that means... Science Friday
Science FridayCourtesy Science Friday
Today's Science Friday video:
If the term "sample" reminds you more of a cheese tasting than music making, this video is for you. DJ, music producer and clothing designer Aaron LaCrate walks us through Sampling 101--taking a snippet of a song and repurposing it in another work. LaCrate explains the process but doesn't sample in his own music -- to "clear" a lifted beat for use is complicated, and expensive.

This TV cried so hard its head exploded.
This TV cried so hard its head exploded.Courtesy Kevin Steele
Remember how TV was going to be totally different way back in February? And it sort of didn't happen, because we all weren't quite ready to have different TV yet? Well, this Friday TV will be changing. For realz this time. On Friday, June 12th, all TV stations are required to switch off their analog transmitters, completing the switch to digital TV.

If you don't have a digital television or a converter box yet, brace yourself for a new, television-free life. It's going to feel like dying. If you are all sorts of prepared, maybe spend some extra time with old fashioned TV this week, because when it goes away, it's going to feel for you like a long-lived pet is dying. Like a parrot, or a turtle. Or a chimp.

You can learn more about the digital switch and the related sciencey stuff at Buzz's Digital Television feature.

Digital photography reveals nature's works of art. You can view winning photos of the 2006 Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition.