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Consuming blueberries on a regular basis could lead to an array of healthy benefits. Primarily serving as an antioxidant, blueberries aid in diminishing free radicals (cell destroyers that could lead to diseases). Research also suggests the antioxidants found in blueberries could fight some forms of cancer and Alzheimer’s.


A researcher in Colorado has produced a pill which may be able to fight a wide range of diseases, and even combat the effects of aging. The pill, called Protandim, has not yet been tested against any disease. All we know so far is that it boosts the body's ability to produce two important enzymes: Catalase and SOD.

Other researchers have found that these two enzymes helped mice live longer and heal faster. They do this by cleaning up "free radicals." Free radicals are oxygen-based molecules your body produces naturally every time you eat. Unfortunately, these molecules also damage cells, and are associated with aging and various diseases. Your body produces the enzymes Catalase and SOD to clean up the radicals. But as we grow older, we accumulate more radicals than our body can handle.

Right now, no one knows if extra enzymes will have a great positive effect on people. But it does seem to be a promising line of research.