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We are not amused.: Photo by adpk from
We are not amused.: Photo by adpk from

More breaking news from the No Duh Department: New research shows that old people have no sense of humor.

Which explains why Ken doesn’t get JGordon’s posts.

Oh no he didn't!

And stay off my lawn.

I love that the Minnesota Microscopy Society's tagline is "Minnesota, Land of 10,000x". Har har.


The US version of the comedy series, "The Office" featured a funny little nanotech reference on a recent episode.

The setup: The always ridiculous Dwight is trying to pick a health care plan and everyone is doing their best to sabotage their efforts with false medical claims....enter nanobots.

Nanotech is breaking its way into pop culture more and more every day. Its good to see someone lampooning the grey goo nano robots.

Want to make Einstein say whatever you like? Break the equation of the universe and make it look like his idea? Check out this great Dynamic Einstein picture robot.


Girls Laughing: Photo by spanishgirl_in_oxford
Girls Laughing: Photo by spanishgirl_in_oxford

Researchers at the University of Maryland conducted an experiment to see what impact laughter has on the heart. The researchers showed clips from comedies and from dramas to 20 volunteers. They then compared measurements of blood flow before viewing the clips, and a minute after viewing the clips. After gathering 160 measurements of blood flow from the brachial artery the researchers found that when comparing the amused or stressful states brought on by film clips, more than 50 percent more blood flowed when laughing. They concluded that increased blood flow from laughter compared favorably to increased blood flow from light exercise or cholesterol lowering drugs. The researchers published their findings in the journal Heart. Gene referenced a similar study in his blog this past April.

Meanwhile, researchers at Westfield State College and McMaster University conducted two studies that examined the long held stereotype that guys like women who laugh at their jokes, and women like men they think are funny. In the first experiment 200 volunteers were given photos of persons of the opposite sex. The photos had either humorous or dull quotes beneath them. Women ranked photos with humorous quotes beneath the photos as better potential partners than those with dull quotes. The men's ranking of the women's photos was not influenced by the quotes underneath them.

In a second study, 130 volunteers were asked to imagine two people of the opposite sex - one who was funny themselves, and one who appreciated other people's humor. When asked which person they would choose for a relationship, women usually chose the imaginary funny guy, while men chose the women who appreciated their sense of humor. While the findings are from a relatively small sample from a limited area, there is some thought that the reason women prefer men they think are funny is because their humor is a sign that they have a healthy and active brain - and therefore have a better chance of having healthy offspring.

Personally, I don't know how much I buy into this - I don't picture our distant relatives pulling a Seinfield-like routine ("What's the deal with fire anyway?"), but I guess I could see them being good at physical comedy...but I am not sure that would be endearing. Perhaps this trait is just cultural or regional? What do you think? If you're interested in learning more about romance related science check out the Café Scientifique on Valentine's Day from 6-8pm at the Varsity Theater in Dinkytown.

We've heard that laughter is the best medicine - and it looks like that's being found true for your heart - in more ways than one.