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Safe storage needed for hydrogen fuel

MOF crystal acts like a sponge for storing hydrogen: This neutron-scattering image reveals where hydrogen molecules (red-green circles) connect to a metal organic framework (MOF), a type of custom-made compound eyed for hydrogen storage applications.

Chemists at UCLA and the University of Michigan have announced a new "crystal sponge" material that can store in its pores nearly three times more hydrogen than any substance known previously.  For now, notes Professor Omar Yaghi, the high storage densities are possible only at very low temperatures, below 77 degrees Kelvin (-321 degrees Fahrenheit). But he is optimistic the limitation is temporary. He believes it's possible to modify the rod-like components to store hydrogen at everyday temperatures. In previous research, Yaghi and colleagues were able to exceed the DOE requirements for methane  (natural gas) with similar materials.