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Just remember you read it here first. When volcanoes started erupted in Iceland last month, Science Buzz reported that similar situations in the past led to to closures of European airports. Today's news includes reports of shutdowns at airports including London, Paris and Dublin due to concentrations of ash in their from the eruptions. Why no air travel due to the ash? Jet engines can shutdown or stall if they take in too much volcanic ash. And here's a link to majorly cool video of one of those erupting Iceland volcanoes.

The lava keeps spewing in Iceland. Here's some better video than what I posted last week. Plus, you get to snowmobiles and volcanoes in the same clip. How often does that happen?

Iceland may be the Rodney Dangerfield of Europe – it just doesn't get no respect – but geologically it's at the epicenter of world attention these days. Iceland is in a volcano hot zone and an eruption Sunday of the volcano Eyjafjallajokull has garnered a lot of attention. Historically, every time Eyjafjallajokull erupts, the larger volcano Katla erupts soon after.

Below is aerial video shot by the Iceland Coast Guard showing Sunday's eruption. Stay tuned to see if there are more eruptions to come. Past eruptions of Katla, with lava and gases passing through Iceland's ice sheets, have created toxic smog that have damaged crops and sickened people in the British Isles. Here's the full AP report.

Fin whale: Courtesy Lori Mazzuca, NOAA
Fin whale: Courtesy Lori Mazzuca, NOAA

In a continuing world trend toward renewed whaling of endangered species Iceland whalers have killed a Fin whale. Fin whales are listed as endangered by the World Conservation Union.