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In the past several weeks, protestors have crowded the streets of Rangoon, Burma to demand an end to the military dictatorship there. Like dictators everywhere, the military responded violently, and tried to cover up the news.

But modern technology is making that more difficult. Bloggers have used the Internet to broadcast news and pictures of the demonstrations. And high-definition satellite images confirm the violence, forced relocations, and other human-rights abuses.

In the past, a dictatorship was able to control the flow of information. That’s no longer possible. Whether or not the international community responds to this evidence in any meaningful way remains to be seen.


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Have you ever wanted to learn about something on the internet only to hit a paywall. A paywall only allows you to read the article if you pay money first. When I look for information on the internet, I depend upon free, full text, and quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals. The Directory of Open Access Journals provides this service.

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