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On my day off, I helped some friends harvest olives in Varano, Ancona, Italy. The entire harvest is done by hand. First, we spread fine nets on the ground under the trees, and then branches were cut down and we picked olives off the branches on the ground, or we climbed ladders and combed the trees with small plastic rakes.
Raking olives
Raking olivesCourtesy Tilly Laskey

Olives yield about 15% of their weight. We harvested 80KG or about 176 pounds of olives. This means the farmer will get about 26.4 pounds or 35 12-ounce bottles of oil from the harvest. All olives--green, brown, and black--are harvested. Italian olives
Italian olivesCourtesy Tilly Laskey


IYA2009 is now all over, I was watching the closing ceremony during last 36 hours, and was inspired with Cosmic Diary blogger Lee Pullen's LiveBlog that I ended up doing a tele-blogging session (as I call it). and I have recorded many of the sessions and few are already youtubed,

Few minutes ago, outgoing IAU president Catherine Cesarsky unveiled new logo, featuring "beyond IYA".
beyond-iya2009Courtesy beyond iya2009

I believe you also enjoyed the live stream and just check out my tele-blogging posts.

Countdown of Closing Ceremony

Presentation of Ron Ekers

Events after the Lunch

Closing Ceremony Day 2

Youtube Videos of Recordings of Best Moments of IYA2009 Closing Ceremony

Prasanna Deshapriya

IYA 2009 - Astronomy Sri Lanka

Eclipse 2010


I recorded this live with internet broadcast, on 09th January 2010 during the Closing Ceremony of IYA2009 | International Year of Astronomy. You can hear how Vincenzo Giorgio of Thales Alenia Space, the Principal Sponsor of IYA2009, International Year of Astronomy is saying hinhis address @ the closing ceremony of IYA2009 live from Padua, Italy

1. watch-iya2009-closing-ceremony-live.html



A powerful earthquake struck a huge swath of central Italy as residents slept on Monday morning, killing more than 150 people and making up to 50,000 homeless.

No, not by a volcano but by poor maintenance. Many of the priceless artifacts recovered from the ancient Roman city have been damaged. The Italian government has declared a "state of emergency" to preserve what remains.

Check it out, readers, a unicorn (deer thing) has been found in the country we call Italy.

Get some maidens over there and capture it! Or Tom Cruise! (I don't really remember how that movie went.)

Anyway, sorry, but I've already called dibs on the horn. I need it for my magic spells.

World leaders in the field of evolution convened upon Venezia, Italy last week to talk about the future of science. Jim Spadaccini has some interesting blog entries from his time at the conference.