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Loremo near the front in race for 100 mpg X prize

Loremo diesel
Loremo dieselCourtesy Loremo AG
Although the X Prize Foundation has not officially released the rules, competitors are lining up for the Automotive X prize. C/net news has a great slide show about several front runners competing for the multi-million dollar prize. I previously posted about my favorite, the Aptera Typ-1. Recently the diesel powered Loremo has also been a media favorite.

Better than 100 mph and 100 mpg

Unlike the Aptera, the Loremo has four wheels, and seats four adults which are requirements in the Automotive X Prize. The Loremo LS gets better than 100 mpg (and 100 mph) from its 20 HP, 2 cylinder turbo diesel engine. Unlike the $100,00 Tesla, the Loremo is projected to cost only $22,500. The bad news is that the Loremo may not pass the United States emission standards. Check out these links for current info and comments on the Loremo and other Automotive X Prize vehicles (thanks to Eric Boyd).